One-Stop Solution for Electronics Manufacturing Services

Your products go through distinct stages of development, but why switch electronics contract manufacturers between stages?
Shuffling projects between multiple manufacturers means you spend more time qualifying and managing vendors. It also means more hands on your product – and more opportunities for problems – on the way to market.

With Qualitel you can keep your PCB assemblies under one roof through all four stages: quick-turn prototyping, NPI, local turnkey and consigned assembly, and off-shore high-volume production. Plus we apply Parylene and other conformal coatings in our facility.

Our full-range approach takes the stress out of outsourced electronics manufacturing so you can focus on other important parts of your business. Here are three ways Qualitel reduces expenses and eliminates delays throughout the product development cycle:

Single vendor solution for electronics manufacturing services
Qualitel will save you time on vendor selection. Instead of flying around the world to audit facilities and managing multiple quoting processes, you can work with one manufacturer from prototype to production.

Qualitel also ends the finger pointing. We simplify the production process by linking four stages into one conveniently linked series of services.

Seamless scaling for PCB production
Qualitel saves you money on transitions as your product advances through the stages of production. We minimize tooling and programming time at each step by using the same state-of-the-art equipment types in our four lines. All it takes is one call to move your product and inventory to a higher volume production line at Qualitel.

Information stays in the family
Qualitel offers a family of electronics manufacturing services. When your product is with Qualitel, one team gets to know you and your products. We eliminate learning time between stages – so nothing gets lost in the transition. And your intellectual property is safer when it isn’t shared among many outsourced manufacturers.

Stop shuffling between manufacturers and put an end to the finger pointing. Contact Qualitel to start saving time and money at every stage of production.