Lean Manufacturing

In 2002, Qualitel’s VP of Operations introduced major lean manufacturing initiatives that have since skyrocketed Qualitel’s production and built a trusted reputation within our growing customer base.

Today, Qualitel embraces a strong lean manufacturing culture in all areas of our facility so we can continually deliver the value you need to maintain satisfied customers and improve your own reputation.


Qualitel is leading the industry in digital alternatives, eliminating excess manual systems, streamlining processes, and opening new facility space for efficient production.

Set in Place
By removing excess methods and materials, Qualitel can assure that as much facility space and operating time as possible is being used to accomplish a clearly defined purpose.

Qualitel offers in-house testing services unique among all of our competitors. The team even participates in facility cleanliness, because we all want to sustain a work environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for all coworkers, and ultimately beneficial for production.

Our lean culture is written down and practiced using standardized systems throughout Qualitel’s plant floor.

Most importantly, Qualitel has implemented a lean culture, rather than simply enforcing lean practices. Instead of bringing in a third-party lean educator, Qualitel encourages all employees to “think lean” on a daily basis. We believe that practicing lean at work will help drive effective communication and productivity in employees’ personal lives as well. In all areas of life, we’re learning to apply a simple lean attitude: if it’s broken, fix it.

Qualitel doesn’t only implement lean practices within our walls – we try to source from suppliers and partner with businesses that have also adapted a lean culture. We believe that working with lean partners and suppliers is the best way to ensure that the Qualitel team can manufacture the highest-quality electronics, and in turn provide you with the best possible value, so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Qualitel invests in state-of-the-art, lean equipment to continually reduce set up costs, centering our entire facility on efficient and high-quality production. We have redundant equipment which we can count on if one of the machines goes down or need repair.  We can adjust much of our equipment without losing production time, and producing smaller order quantities substantially reduces risk of defect and recall.

Daily Gemba walks are conducted in all areas of production at Qualitel, and metrics are accessible to each employee so everyone can see for themselves the status of production. This assures that our workforce does not operate in silos, but rather as a unified team.

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