Qualitel implements reliable sustaining methods using a modern and powerful material requirements planning (MRP) system to manage materials and control inventory for our customers. We also implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and MRP programs with all of our major vendors, so our standard parts consistently meet weekly demands – on-time, every time. All inventory is protected internally with restricted access to caged storage, and from external threats by advanced building security.

Qualitel can manage your inventory in order to reduce any and all excess component costs. This will free both time and storage on your end, which dramatically improves your ability to focus on your business.

Our modern tool notifies the Qualitel team right away if any parts are obsolesced, meaning they are no longer being manufactured even though they are still available in distribution. We can manage all last-time buys to meet your needs, even when they change, and we’ll ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Get in touch with Qualitel today to learn how you can take advantage of our inventory and obsolescence management services, and start focusing on what you do best!