PCB Assembly for NPI

Only Qualitel can guarantee uninterrupted attention to NPI projects so you can be confident that your complex PCB assembly will be trouble-free when it goes into production.

Separate NPI line
Qualitel is unique among electronics contract manufacturers because we have a dedicated SMT line and team of experts for NPI. Unlike some of our competitors, once your PCB assembly goes into production, it won’t be bumped by other production projects.

Skilled electronics contract manufacturing staff
The Qualitel NPI staff is experienced and ready to respond immediately to any changes necessary during NPI. From quoting to production, our Project Engineer and manager ensure that your project gets completed ahead of schedule. Our engineering team provides design recommendations for manufacturability so your product will be ready to move smoothly into volume production.

Qualitel understands the importance of speed to NPI. We are organized, equipped and staffed to facilitate a rapid path to defect-free production of your mission-critical PCB assembly.

You can depend on Qualitel for fast, flexible NPI electronics contract manufacturing. Get in touch with Qualitel today to get your product to market ASAP!