Electronics manufacturing services overview

You can count on Qualitel to deliver the full spectrum of high-reliability electronics manufacturing services for your mission-critical products.

Only Qualitel has independent lines and dedicated personnel for production, NPI and quick-turn prototypes, all from our West Coast headquarters. And Qualitel Express can assemble highly complex, mixed technology PCB prototypes in as little as four hours.

Quality is the prime promise of Qualitel
We manufacture complex PCB assemblies and box-builds for aerospace, medical, defense and other industries where failure is not an option.

Given our focus on mission-critical products, we retain complete control over quality assurance. We
do everything in-house, including flying probe testing, conformal coating, and HALT/HASS testing. We won’t shift responsibility to a third party – we’re here to fulfill our quality promise from start to finish, ensuring quality electronics manufacturing services every step of the way.

We only hire full-time employees and employee training and certifications is a priority. Almost all our manufacturing employees are certified to IPC-A-610 by an outside trainer, and all soldering employees are certified to J-STD-001.

A lean culture delivers more value to our customers and yours
In 2002, Qualitel’s VP of Operations introduced major lean manufacturing initiatives that have since multiplied Qualitel’s production and enhanced our trusted reputation within our growing customer base.

Today, Qualitel embraces a strong lean manufacturing culture in our facility so we can continually deliver the value you need to maintain satisfied customers.
Qualitel encourages all employees to “think lean” on a daily basis. Weekly Gemba Walks are conducted in all areas of production at Qualitel, and metrics are accessible to each employee. This ensures that our workforce operates as a unified team without silos.

State-of-the-art lean equipment keeps your project on schedule
Qualitel invests in state-of-the-art equipment to reduce setup costs and provide efficient and high-quality production.

All five lines have the latest technology to provide you with worry-free electronics manufacturing services so you can focus on your business. Using identical equipment guarantees a smooth transfer of projects from quick-turn prototypes at Qualitel Express to NPI and production at Qualitel. Separate lines also provide redundancy should any line go down.

One-stop solution for electronics manufacturing services
Qualitel’s comprehensive turnkey and consignment electronics manufacturing services allow you to keep your projects under one roof, from prototyping at Qualitel Express, to volume production at Qualitel.

Our conveniently linked series of services save you time and money at every stage. No more shuffling work between manufacturers. Count on Qualitel to keep your design secure and your project on track.

Learn more about our comprehensive electronics manufacturing services:

Take a facility tour, meet the staff and see for yourself our unique ability to manufacture your mission-critical PCB assembly with high reliability you can count on.