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Paul Weyn
Qualitel Corporation

Qualitel upgrades key equipment to guarantee quality of mission-critical printed circuit board assemblies

Qualitel’s latest addition, a Technical Devices Nu/Clean 824 XLR-FB PCB Washing System, is the state of the art in cleaning with the precision cleanliness required when conformal coatings are required

Everett, WA, November 19, 2018 – Qualitel announces the acquisition of the most sophisticated PCB washing system on the market. The purchase is part of Qualitel’s ongoing commitment to better serve the exacting requirements of its aerospace, medical device and defense customers by investing in the best available production line equipment.

Qualitel is a contract manufacturer of mission-critical electronics that must perform reliably under harsh environmental conditions.  Qualitel manufactures complex printed circuit board assemblies and box-builds for industries where one return is one too many.

“More than 90% of Qualitel’s customers need the aqueous cleaning process for cleanliness and conformal coating offered by the Technical Devices Nu/Clean 824 XLR-FB PCB Washing System,” said Qualitel president Tuanhai Hoang. “Qualitel engineers determined that the Nu/Clean 824 offers the most advanced cleaning technology available as well as a robust, touch-screen user interface that provides ease of operation and total command of all system operations.”

“The advanced cleaning capability of the Nu/Clean 824 provides an essential cleanliness element in Qualitel’s production process to ensure long-term reliability,” Hoang said.

Extreme reliability cleanliness is essential for high-speed,  high-frequency signal integrity, and  for the  application of parylene and all available conformal coatings. Parylene, often the coating of choice for Qualitel’s customers, is generally regarded by the industry as the most durable and effective coating for the protection of electronic components and instrumentation.

Qualitel purchased the machinery from Technical Devices Company, located in Torrance, CA. The new system will initially go through Qualitel’s rigorous, three-step implementation process – Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification and Process Qualification.  The Nu/Clean system will go into production in mid-December and replace one of two older inline systems.  These acquisitions are part of Qualitel’s strategy to have redundant production equipment where most companies only have one.

Technical Devices has been in business since 1952 and has a well-established track record of offering cutting-edge technologies to their customers as well as an excellent reputation for customer service and support.  Detailed specifications of the Nu/Clean 824 can be found on the Technical Devices website.