Registrations & Certifications

Qualitel has all current and relevant registrations and certifications to help assure you that we will provide the highest level of quality for all of your mission-critical electronics.

We take it upon ourselves to understand the ins and outs of your business. Your industry has its own infrastructure, standards, and expectations, and Qualitel strives to be the highest value provider for each.

Quality + Electronics = Qualitel

Qualitel implements rigorous quality programs to ensure compliance with all industry requirements, in addition to your unique needs. Qualitel is an FDA, FAA Repair, and ITAR registered facility, with ISO9001, ISO13485 Medical, and AS9100 Aerospace registration certificates.

ISO9001:2015, Since 2005

ISO13485:2016 Medical, Since 2005

AS9100 Aerospace, Since 2005

Qualitel is committed to professional development, and we make employee training and certifications a priority. Nearly all of our manufacturing employees are certified with IPC-A-610 from an outside trainer, and soldering employees are all J-STD-001 certified. For those who aren’t yet certified, we hire outside training programs to run trainings in-house, so employees have access to the certification process right in the work place.

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