Our Culture

Take only one step into our facility, and you’ll gain a strong sense of the culture here at Qualitel. From the friendly faces on the plant floor to our bright green walls, our culture has a directly positive impact on production, and your peace of mind.

The Qualitel team lives out our culture on the floor by implementing lean philosophies, including full transparency with all costs and communication. Our facility is accessible to each of our customers, with visibility into all real-time metrics and systems that we use.

Quality + Electronics = Qualitel

Qualitel cares deeply about the well being of all of our employees. We believe this is best for our business, too! We’ve implemented a statement of values that we call DREAM BIG, which integrates employee, customer, and company growth.


Deliver Customer Value


Respect Teamwork


Embrace Change


Achieve Zero Defects


Motivate Each Other


Be Humble


Inspire Lean


Go Play

In 2002, Qualitel began a lean journey that has dramatically enriched our internal culture and increased production to meet higher and more diverse demands. As an extension of your own businesses, our team values responsiveness, flexibility, and reliability above all – embracing a lean culture helps us achieve these, and encourages continual improvement.

We believe that lean manufacturing practices at work can also benefit our team members who carry lean thinking from the workplace and into their homes. We strive to provide a place that allows all employees to practice efficiency and simplicity of process, and ultimately to reduce stress and increase productivity.

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Does our culture sound like something you want to be a part of? We’re always looking for dedicated and passionate people to join our team!

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