Prototyping & New Product Introduction

Qualitel has a dedicated SMT line, and separate resources for prototyping and new production introduction (NPI). We’re prepared with an intelligent, responsive team of dedicated engineers and assembly experts that will handle all of your prototyping and NPI needs with the highest reliability.

Qualitel’s no-nonsense pricing not only allows you to understand your prototyping costs right off the bat, but it also eliminates delays that lead to increased turn time for our competitors.

Depending on the complexity of the order, Qualitel can often complete prototypes in as little as 24-48 hours.

Qualitel has a dedicated NPI team that handles project management, quoting, purchasing, engineering, quality, and SMT production. We only share some manufacturing resources, which significantly reduces lead times for your projects and improves speed-to-market.

The Qualitel team is equipped and ready to handle the unique and complex demands of NPI, including all of the last-minute changes that inevitably occur.

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