Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Qualitel runs four identical surface mount technology assembly lines including one additional standalone pick-and-place for programming and setup.

Quality + Electronics = Qualitel

These machines were updated in 2016 with the latest software and cameras, as well as the AOI in 2014. Our lines can place most SMT components, including the following advanced components:

  • Micro Ball Grid Arrays (BGA)
  • Fine Pitch Technology (01005 & 0.3mm)
  • Package on Package (PoP)

Qualitel’s SMT process takes risk of recall out of the picture and ensures the minimal rework which increase reliability. Our state-of-the-art electronic barcode feeder ensures that parts aren’t mixed up or loaded incorrectly – plus, we can change feeders while equipment is running without causing errors, which dramatically reduces the risk of defect and recall. All equipment is reinforced with electronic verifiers, which measure electrical values and double-check component values.

With industry-leading, 3-D automated optical inspection (AOI), Qualitel can scan all printed circuit boards, which provides verification that all solder is depositing evenly, preventing bridging and insufficient contact during the process.

Qualitel’s four state-of-the-art stencil printers include 2-1/2D inspection, self-cleaning, and auto adjustment to ensure repeatability and eliminate bridging and insufficient solder. Four identical 15 zones reflow with 12 heating zones to ensure that the solder is profiled. Four identical AOIs (automated optical inspections) ensure identical inspection programs and libraries on every line.

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